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Crypto-trading and investment training

Cryptocurrency has currently existed for more than 15 years, from the moment the first Bitcoin appeared, it was unknown to anyone.

In general, if we consider cryptocurrency as an economic step, the beginning was laid back in 1983. That year David Chaum and Stephan Brands first proposed the use of electronic money and a brief description. At that time the information was extremely ambiguous for its years, but did not spread widely.

The next attempt was in 1997 when mathematician Adam Bakov proposed to use the Hashcash system. The system used blockchain block appearances, and it was believed that it would help fight against DoS attacks. It was the start of the world's first crypto money.

But the main stage was the creation of bitcoin, the famous Satoshi Nakamoto laid the foundation in 2007. And at the same time he published an article where he described the principle of operation and protocol of new crypto-money, working on the type of peer-to-peer network.

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Cryptocurrency as a new financial asset

A gradual study of the capabilities of crypto-assets gave an understanding of how it can be used, every day more and more people learned about cryptocurrency and a new financial asset.

Already in September 2009. Marty Malmi made the first ever exchange of crypto-money for fiat money Fiat, or fiat money, is a term in the cryptocommunity that refers to the use of real money, such as dollars or euros. At the moment it is the national currency of the country in which the exchange is made. But many people use not fiat but stabel-coin, for example, USDT, it is the same electronic currency only tied to the real dollar index. Since that moment cryptocurrency has become a full-fledged financial asset, though in small circles.

Known case, which at the moment, very stunning - it is when a guy bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. The thing is that at the time bitcoin was priced very cheap and was relatively unknown. The guy posted an ad on the internet that he wanted to buy 2 boxes of pizza, he was willing to pay with bitcoins and another participant in the transaction responded to his ad. The barter was made, 2 pizzas were exchanged for 10 thousand bitcoins and everyone was happy. And the problem remains that at the moment 10,000 is approximately equal to 710 million dollars.

Basic principles of cryptocurrency

It was the study that led to the development and promotion of cryptocurrency, and then a new cryptocurrency began to appear, and at the moment there are more than 5 million different cryptocurrencies, But in order to understand what cryptocurrency is, we need to know the basic principles, what it is and what it is for, and only after that we will know how to use it.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of Internet currency, which is accounted for by a large number of computers connected to one network. All processes are automatic, without an external administrator or regulator. Cryptocurrency is a system that does not have any matelial or electronic form, it is just a number in the Internet network, denoting the number of data settlement particles, which is in a certain information package. And this package contains information about the addresses of transactions of the system.

Basic principles - if to tell in simple language - it is like a large number of folders on the desktop of the computer, and each folder knows only where certain folders are, but does not know where the others are, so if you check all folders - we will know all addresses and folders, but there are too many of them. This is also the principle of the blockchain, each packet knows only its own amount of data, and further packets know their part of the information. this is the principle from which the anonymity of cryptocurrency in the world is built.

Cryptocurrency and investing

In this block we will tell you in clear and simple language what a blockchain is, what a cryptocurrency is and why it is needed, the basic principles and methods of use and investment

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