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Crypto-trading and Investment tools

If we go back to history, financial transactions were an exchange, one thing was exchanged for another. Later in the course of evolution people realized that it was somehow unfair to exchange fluff for gold by volume, and they introduced rates, introduced differences and began to measure by weight - then the tools were scales. With the advent of the payment elements we are now familiar with, which is cash - the tools were purses for transferring money, and calculations were done with math. Everyone understands the cost of production model, which is formed from the amount of labor and time invested in a product. As such calculations became more complicated, a tool such as a calculator appeared to simplify the process. If you look at cryptocurrencies, a very large number of electronic devices, ranging from an electronic wallet to a mining farm, act as tools. We will talk about such tools - cryptocurrency wallet, PC, phone, browser, mining farm, etc.

Cryptocurrency wallet is a special program installed on different types of gadgets, which allows you to receive, send and store cryptocurrency. In the world there are cryptocurrency wallets for one specific cryptocurrency, and there are other currency wallets.

If we take into account that this currency is a program code, it can be stored on almost any device that has memory, the only limitations are the ability to connect to the Internet and to the blockchain. At the moment, it can be a separate device, no bigger than a flash drive, connecting it to a PC, you have the opportunity to continue to carry out manipulations. also do not forget that it can be a program on the computer, which does the same thing.

And without mobile devices, accordingly, an application can be installed on the gadget, which allows you to manage electronic money just like all other devices. You can have a program specifically for bitcoin, efirium or any other coin. Browser applications are gaining popularity lately, when you have a full-fledged wallet built into your browser, which you can use to pay out on different sites. And also receive payments by selling goods on sites that are connected to this technology.

If we look at the security format of cryptocurrency wallets, they are "cold" and "hot". Cold wallets are all variants of wallets that can be "offline", i.e. they are portable mobile, PC, browser-based. They allow you to store coins outside the Internet. Hot on the contrary - these are services that are on the Internet, and always online. In fact, your finances are on the server, and only you have access to it. Accordingly, all levels of access, protection and other things, two-factor authorization, word-passwords and so on are used.