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Immediate v8 - what we know about the new trading bot position

Automatic earning in our system works like this - you choose a coin, specify the number of coins and then the system automatically buys and sells coins - a transparent scheme that brings profit. The more participants, the more secure the blocks are and the more transactions we can make.

This line of systems had many versions, each time it was improved, at least that's what the manufacturer says, but is it the same? Today is a review of a large list of systems and trading bots from the Immediate family, enjoy your reading!

Immediate v1 Lidex AI is a cryptocurrency system that was once one of the most attractive for those who valued privacy and anonymity in financial transactions. Designed with user privacy protection in mind, Immediate v1 provided a high level of anonymity through the use of ring signatures, confidential addresses, and other innovative technologies.
Over time, however, Immediate encountered a number of problems that weakened its position in the market. Despite its attractive features, including complete anonymity and lack of censorship faced challenges in the form of increased regulation from governments and anti-crime organizations.

immediate v1 lidex
Due to its anonymity, Immediate v1 became a tool for dubious transactions and financing illegal activities, which attracted the attention of regulators and restricted its use in legal spheres. This led to many cryptocurrency exchanges starting to exclude Lidex AI from their list of trading assets, which affected its liquidity and value.
Moreover, the developers of Immediate v1 faced technical challenges related to scalability and improved privacy, which made it difficult to develop and update the cryptocurrency.

As a result of these factors, the popularity and relevance in the cryptocurrency market has significantly decreased, and it is no longer the first choice for those seeking anonymous financial solutions. Instead, users have turned their attention to other crypto platforms that offer a wider range of features and functionality while maintaining privacy and security.


Immediate v2 Eurax once attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community with its ambitious project and unique marketing strategy. However, despite the initial enthusiasm and popularity, Eurax failed to hold its position and become a long-term successful project.
One of the reasons for Immediate v2's failure to gain popularity was its significant competition in the cryptocurrency market. In the world of cryptocurrencies, new projects and coins are constantly appearing, each of them fighting for its place under the sun. Such high competition makes it difficult to keep users' attention on one project, especially if it lacks a unique competitive advantage.

Immediate v2 Eurax

In addition, Immediate v2 has faced criticism for its lack of technological foundation and lack of real value. Many critics pointed out that Eurax offers nothing unique or innovative to differentiate it from other cryptocurrencies. This has led to doubts about its long-term sustainability and relevance in the market.
It is also worth noting that Immediate v2 Eurax was often associated with volatility and speculation in the market, which reduced its credibility as an investment tool. Investors faced the risk of losing money due to Eurax's price volatility and possible manipulation by large coin holders.


As a result, despite its initial success and widespread adoption in the community, the Immediate v2 coin failed to maintain its popularity and keep users interested in the long term.


Immediate v3 Intal still had the name Edge - represented one of the many meme projects in the world of cryptocurrencies that were popular at a certain point in time. However, its collapse can be attributed to a number of factors that led to a loss of trust from investors and the public.

First, the lack of real value and underlying usage made Immediate v3 vulnerable to volatility and speculation in the market. Many critics noted that the Immediate Intal project offered nothing more than support for the underlying tokens, making it unreliable and unattractive to investors looking for long-term prospects.
In addition, Immediate v3 became the target of manipulation and fraud, which further undermined its credibility in the eyes of the public. Many cases of price manipulation, pampers and dumps resulted in loss of funds from uninformed investors and worsened the reputation of the project.

Immediate v3 Intal

It should also be noted that many regulators and government agencies have expressed concerns about meme cryptocurrencies, such as Immediate v3 Intal, and their possible use to fund illegal activities or money laundering. This has led to increased regulation of such projects, which has negatively impacted their popularity and value.
Eventually, the combination of these factors led to the collapse of Immediate v3 and the loss of trust from investors and the public. The cryptocurrency world is changing rapidly, and projects based solely on memes and jokes are often unsustainable and short-lived.


Immediate Duac V4 and Immediate v5 Lidex AI faced a number of challenges that prevented them from achieving widespread popularity and success in the cryptocurrency market.

First, both coins suffered from a lack of transparency and trust in the cryptocurrency community. Users and investors were wary of new projects, especially if they did not provide sufficient information about their goals, development team, and technological background.

Immediate Duac V4 and Immediate v5 Lidex AI

In addition, Immediate Duac V4 and Immediate v5 Lidex AI could face competition with more established projects. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many alternative systems, each fighting for their place in the market. Lack of unique features or an underdeveloped technological base could lead users to prefer other projects with more stable prospects.
It is also worth noting that many new coins face liquidity issues in the early stages of their development. Lack of trading volume on exchanges can lead to low volatility and little interest from traders and investors.
Finally, the success of Immediate Duac V4 and Immediate v5 Lidex AI could also depend on their ability to attract and maintain an active user community. The lack of an active and dedicated community may hinder their further development and promotion in the cryptocurrency market.


Although the Immediate v6 - 6000 project positions itself as a solution for confidential transactions and decentralized applications, it has faced several challenges that could undermine its long-term sustainability and growth.
First, many critics have noted that competition in the confidential cryptocurrency space is becoming increasingly fierce. Projects such as Capex and Illuvium have already established their position in the market, and it will be difficult to get in their way. Moreover, there are concerns about the concentration of Immediate v6 - 6000 in the hands of a small number of holders, which could lead to potential manipulation and price instability.

Immediate v6

In addition, Immediate v6 has faced criticism for its lack of transparency regarding its developments and solutions. Some communities and analysts have raised concerns about the project's long-term strategy and its ability to compete in the cryptocurrency technology market.
Finally, although Immediate v6 is committed to a scalable blockchain network and the creation of decentralized applications, its technological foundation and infrastructure still leave much to be desired. The project faces scaling and performance challenges, which may slow down its development and adoption in the industry.


Let us now discuss some of the challenges that the Immediate Definity V7 project may face.

1- Technological Challenges: Developing a game platform on blockchain is a technical challenge. This includes not only the creation of the game itself, but also the integration of the cryptocurrency economy, transaction accounting, security mechanisms, and more. Technical challenges can cause delays in development and even lead to unexpected platform failures.

2. Attracting an audience: While the idea of a blockchain gaming platform may sound exciting, attracting enough players can be a challenge. There are many competitors in the gaming industry, and Immediate Definity must compete with them for player attention and participation.

3. Regulatory Risks: Virtual worlds and cryptocurrency economies may attract the attention of regulators and legislators, particularly in connection with issues of security, user protection and the prevention of illegal activity. Improper fulfillment of regulatory requirements may result in fines and restrictions, which will hinder the development of the project.

4. Community Management and Communication: Building an active and committed community of players and investors is crucial to the success of the project. This requires the Immediate Definity team to communicate effectively, be transparent, and participate in the development of the platform. Lack of communication or failed community management can lead to a loss of trust and support.

Overall, Immediate Definity V7 faces a number of challenges like any other new and ambitious project. However, with the right approach, persistence and determination, the team can overcome these challenges and succeed in developing a cryptocurrency gaming platform.

Immediate Definity V7


Finally, let's discuss Immediate v8 - the name of the bot is not publicized at the moment.

But it is known that Immediate v8 is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency designed to create decentralized applications and digital assets. It was founded in 2019 by academician Silvio Muloki, who is known for his work in cryptography and cryptocurrencies.
One of the key features of Immediate v8 is its high throughput and efficiency. The platform utilizes a Pure Proof of Stake matching mechanism that enables instant transactions and high scalability without compromising security.

In addition, Immediate v8 aims to maximize decentralization and security. It offers a Self-Staking mechanism that allows all Immediate v8 coin holders to participate in the blockchain matching process and be rewarded for their participation in the network.
Immediate v8 is also actively developing an ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps) and digital assets on its platform. Developers can create and run smart contracts and digital assets on the Immediate v8 blockchain, which opens up new opportunities for innovation and financial instruments.

While Immediate v8 is a promising project with high performance, security and decentralization, it also has a number of shortcomings that may make it difficult to successfully promote in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

First, Immediate v8 is still relatively obscure compared to some other major blockchain platforms, which may pose challenges in attracting developers and users to the platform.
In addition, the application ecosystem remains relatively limited, which may limit the platform's appeal to developers and users looking for a wide range of applications and features.
Hardware requirements to participate in staking on Immediate v8 can also be high, which creates a barrier to network participation for many coin holders.

Finally, faces stiff competition with other blockchain platforms, which may make it difficult to stand out in the market and attract users and developers.



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