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Each investor in crypto wishes to increase their investment hundreds of times. It's not impossible though. You need to do a lot of research, do some analyses and only then determine the ideal Tokens,
and only then can you secure yourself for life. Now we'll take a look at some crypto-adventures that can give you a 100x return on investment, and maybe even more. These projects are.

ETFSwap (its name is ETFS), Toncoin ( Telegram Coin TON) and Cardano (ADA project).
We are interested in Cardano because of the hard fork names - Chang
Cardano's journey began in 2015. It is a dispersed blockchain of the third rank, which was developed to fill the scalability void of the Ethereum network. Even the fact
that it's been around for a while, at the moment it's interesting because there's optimistic information around the upcoming Chang hard fork. A fork is a writing, in simple terms.

Founder Charles Hoskinson says, the upcoming Cardano (ADA) hardfork will improve the decentralisation of the token by giving holders the ability to vote on
on the offerings. This optimism has fuelled interest in ADA and led to a $1.7 billion increase in its market capitalisation, pushing the token into the top ten. However, given
Cardano's already substantial capitalisation of around $16 billion, further significant price increases seem unlikely.
Toncoin (TON), formerly Telegram Open Network (TON), has received backing from Telegram, one of the biggest giants in social messaging. This gives the project relevance in the
cryptocurrency industry and could attract the attention of investors.

Despite Telegram's withdrawal from active participation in the project, company is further developing Tonkoin (TON). Pavel Durov, Telegram founder,
has spoken out about the project on his newsfeed, and Telegram has also announced plans to launch Toncoin (TON) to pay for adverts on its platform. Because of these actions, there has been a flurry of
activity on the TON blockchain: and already on 30 March, when the announcement was made, more than 150k wallets appeared on the blockchain. We know about the active growth and that the number of Telegram users exceeds 700 million active Telegram users.
700 million users, this cryptocurrency is well positioned for a successful bull market.
ETFSwap is the next project at the peak of the growing popularity of ETFs. It is an investment platform that allows you to earn from the liquidity of exchange traded funds (ETFs) by
increasing their tokens on the blockchain. Users are given the opportunity to invest in a variety of assets using leverage of up to 10x.

The ETFSwap Eco-World (ETFS) exhibits a number of pluses that make it unique in the space of other cryptocurrency platforms. Take note - it does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) turnover to launch into ETFs.
(KYC) standard in ETFs, gives anyone the ability to invest in ETFs without any restrictions from centralised organisations.
In further development of the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform, it plans to raise around $750k in a private equity stake sale round. Notably.
the funding comes from three angel investors and two institutional investors, rather than venture capital funds. This rules out any interference for the sake of the venture capitalists' interests and realise the creation of a profitable platform for users.

Maintaining the highest level of security for users and the eco orbit, the platform has been audited by Cyber-Scope, a leading blockchain security company . The audit
confirmed the cleanliness of the platform and the absence of security vulnerabilities, allowing users to invest with confidence.
The ETFSwap (ETFS) token presale is currently available at a price of $0.00854 per token. Once the first phase of the presale is complete, the price will increase to $0.01831, providing
early investors a more than 100 per cent return. In addition, it is estimated that the ETFS token could increase its price by 10,000 times its current level after the
platform launch. This makes buying the ETFS token an attractive opportunity for smart investors.