Cryptocurrency projects attracted an impressive $2.49 billion in investments in the first quarter of 2024, according to a report by Galaxy Research. According to experts, investors made 603 cryptocurrency deals between January and March 2024. The total number of such deals increased by 68 per cent compared to the previous quarter, while the funding volume increased by 29 per cent.
In addition, various macroeconomic factors influenced the increase in investment inflows. For example, in February and March 2024, the Federal Reserve did not change the interest rate, which contributed to bitcoin breaking above the $67,000 mark.

Experts note that about 80 per cent of all investments have gone into startups in the early stages of development. A host of projects in infrastructure, Web3, non-fungible tokens (NFT), lending and trading, decentralised finance (DeFi) and L2 also managed to raise significant funds.

Galaxy Digital emphasises that thanks to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies noticeable over the past few years, professional investors, corporations and newcomers have gained new opportunities to place their capital. This has been made possible through active collaborations.

Brand collaborations are becoming an increasingly significant and popular strategic tool in marketing today. It allows brands to join forces to achieve goals that would be difficult to achieve on their own. Such collaborations not only expand audiences and scale products, but also strengthen market positions, increase recognition and, consequently, profits.

Brand-to-Brand collaborations involve co-operation between two or more brands operating both in the same field and in different market segments. The purpose of such a partnership may be to jointly manufacture products, conduct joint marketing campaigns or promotions in order to increase profits and attract new customers. In addition, it can facilitate innovative product development and successful product launches.